The key to efficient recycling is the segregation of
waste material at source on the farm and keeping it dry

Waste farm plastic collected by Emerald Isle Recycle is divided into 3 waste streams.

The items listed are the only waste plastics collected for recycling.

NB: It is essential that the 3 waste streams are correctly segregated and not mixed within a single liner. Material must be kept as clean and dry as possible, either in a Solway liner or under cover.

Mixed or excluded material will not be uplifted. Wet material will incur a surcharge.

AGRI Waste
Stream 1

Silage Wrap
Silage Pit Covers
Small Polythene Feed
& Fertiliser Bags
Polythene Packaging

AGRI Waste
Stream 2

Bulk Fertiliser Bags
with Liners removed
Bulk Feed Bags
Bulk Seed Bags

AGRI Waste
Stream 3

Rigid Plastic Drums & Containers
( must be triple rinsed & metal
handles removed )

NB: No Medicine or Drench Bottles

What we DON’T Recycle

The only material we collect for recycling is listed above in the 3 separate waste streams.

The material listed below will not be collected for recycling. This excluded material would cause damage to our recycling equipment and would increase disposal costs to the customer.

Excluded material (list not exhaustive):

  • Nett wrap

  • Drainage pipes
  • Tyres / rubber
  • Wood
  • Medicine bottles
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • PVC products
  • Domestic plastics
  • Drench bottles
  • Rubble